Guide to The Perfect Magic Mushroom Trip

Guide To The Perfect Magic Mushroom Trip

The number of people curious about trying psilocybin mushrooms has recently increased dramatically. It’s notoriously difficult to describe the nature and substance of a psilocybin mushroom (or any psychedelic) experience. They are very private and individual, in addition to being highly subjective. When this happens, rather than having a crystal-clear understanding of what transpired, you may be left with a jumble of vague emotions and a collection of scattered impressions. 

With more cities and states making psychedelics, like psilocybin, legal, it’s also important to know the risks. Learn the basics of a psilocybin mushroom trip – if this is your first time, though, you might be surprised, pleasantly or not.

How Does a Magic Mushroom Trip Feel?

Psilocybin changes how you see the world in a big way. The effects can be good or bad, and they are different for each person. Some of the effects of psilocybin are a high mood or euphoria, creativity, mystical or spiritual experiences, dissolution of the ego, and a different view of oneself, one’s surroundings, time, and outside stimuli.”

Some of the bad effects can include fear, disorientation, confusion, paranoia, physical pain, or nausea. The effects can last between 4 and 7 hours, and depending on the dose, the effects can last up to 6 hours after the trip.

To have a good mushroom trip, you need to have a positive set, or way of thinking, and a good setting, or place to be. It’s not a good idea to take mushrooms or any other psychedelics when you’re in a bad mood or a dangerous or unpleasant place.

How to Prepare For Your Magic Mushroom Trip

How your trip goes can be affected by how well (or not well) you plan. Meditation, embodied movement like yoga or dance, eating healthy and nourishing foods, keeping a journal, spending time in nature, getting ready with a therapist or coach, and looking inward are all great ways to become more aware of your mind and body before a trip. Like in a garden, we need to get the ground ready before we can plant the seeds.

What Mushrooms to Take

First, decide on the species of mushrooms to take. There are many kinds of psychedelic mushrooms, and most of them contain psilocybin, psilocin, baeocystin, and norbaeocystin. The hallucinogenic effect that magic mushrooms are recognised for is caused by these chemicals. The psilocybe cubensis, psilocybe semilanceata, and copelandia cyanescens are some of the most commonly used types of magic mushrooms. 

Different strains of these species have different potencies, so do some research on the sort of mushroom you can get and see how its potency compares to other strains. For example, Penis Envy mushrooms can have up to 1.5 times as much psilocybin as Golden Teachers. Speaking of which, Astral Agency’s Penis Envy Shrooms are just the sort you’re looking for. 

How to Take Your Magic Mushrooms

How do your mushrooms look? Whole dried mushrooms can be eaten whole (make sure to chew well ), dipped in honey and eaten whole, broken up and steeped in tea (ginger tea is great for nausea), put in a smoothie, in nut butter, or even sprinkled on food (although this is not the most recommended option). You can find some great mushroom tea recipes and herbal blends. You can also grind up dried mushrooms in a clean coffee grinder and put them in capsules to make them easier to eat and swallow.

Dried shrooms are great for easy consumption. Get the best experience with the dried shrooms selections from Astral Agency. Eating dried shrooms is not your thing? Shroom gummies may be the ideal method for you.

How Many Magic Mushrooms to Take

There is no correct answer to the question of how many magic mushrooms to take at first. Some people say that mushrooms should be used in small amounts at first. The benefit of this is that you can see how the experience makes you feel at different doses and gradually work up to higher doses. Some people think it’s best to start taking shrooms with a full dose, which is between 2-3.5g.

If you wish to begin small and build up, pay attention to how each new dose of magic mushroom makes you feel. The lighter doses tend to feel antsier, almost tumultuous, because the mind knows it isn’t sober, but not sufficient mushrooms are in the body to really go past your sober state to a transcendent place of real change.

If you wish to jump right in, make sure you have someone to watch your kids. Even if you don’t talk to them at all, it’s a good idea to have a sober person around in case you need them during your psilocybin trip.

How Do You Want Your Magic Mushroom Trip

What do you want out of your first trip experience? Do you do this at home by yourself or with friends you trust? You might be taking mushrooms with the help of a guide or therapist. What about at a concert or a festival? Mushroom trips that are done for fun can still be life-changing. Even a trip you decide to take on the spur of the moment can be helpful, even if it’s harder to plan.

Being exposed to the energies of other people, especially people you don’t know, in a recreational setting can make you feel more anxious. The fact that mushrooms can make people more sensitive and hyperactive, can make the situation more difficult.

What to Do Before and While on a Magic Mushroom Trip

Go Fasting

If you want to take mushrooms, you could well want to do it when you are hungry. If you don’t eat for 4–12 hours before taking magic mushrooms, you might get sick or even throw up. If you don’t have anything else in your stomach, the mushrooms may work faster and better because there’s nothing else competing for digestion. GI problems are also less likely to happen when you fast. 

If you are making changes to your diet to get ready for your trip, you might want to eat vegetarian for at least a day before you leave. Indigenous cultures think of this as a way to get ready for the session by bringing more awareness to the mind. Some users have found that eating meats, root vegetables, and minerals like sea salt can help some people get back to reality after a journey.

Drink Water

It’s important to drink enough water. It’s not as good for you to drink water all at once as it is to drink it slowly over a few hours, so try to plan. Keeping yourself hydrated may keep you from getting a headache after the event. The body can get very tired and dehydrated from this kind of emotional work, sometimes even more than from physical work.

Consider Your Mindset

Not just the way you think, but also your personality, thoughts, mood, and what you expect. How you feel about going on a shroom trip can change the trip itself. Since magic mushrooms can intensify the current state of mind, it’s important to think about how one’s mind is doing before starting your psychedelic journey. It might help to let go of your expectations, remember your goal if you have one, and give up control of the process.

Control Your Setting

Setting refers to where you are, who you are with, and what your surroundings are like. If you’re having a shroom trip at home, clean up your surroundings and change the lighting so it’s easy on the eyes. Try burning a dried plant, preferably one local to your area or ancestors, to clear the air energetically. Above and subterranean protocols usually promote the use of sound-cancelling headphones (with carefully picked music) and eyeshades to facilitate a more inward experience. 

Taking mushrooms in a chaotic environment where you may wind up worrying about dealing with other people, including police enforcement, can cause anxiety throughout the psychedelic trip. If you’re attending a public event, such as a festival or concert, look for comfy spots away from the activity just in case. If you’re with others, decide on a meeting spot in case you become separated. 

Consider putting together a package of materials you might need on the trip, such as earplugs, first-aid supplies, tissues, snacks, essential oils, and a blanket or sheet to sit on. Layers of clothes are essential since these medications can cause problems regulating body temperature (not to mention, the temperature and weather can fluctuate outside, too).

Another thing to keep in mind when having a shroom trip at home or out and about is to keep any medical equipment nearby, like inhalers, EpiPens, antihistamines, and so on, in event of an allergic reaction or emergency.

Make Arrangements With Other People

Put safeguards in place to ensure your safety while you are transformed during a shroom trip. This varies from person to person, so go deep and consider what you might require, or seek the assistance of a coach or therapist to sort it out. Before entering, negotiate agreements as a group. If you’re new to this, you may need a trip sitter to stay with you while you’re tripping.

Consider the following questions: What are each person’s physical and sexual boundaries? What if someone decides to take additional mushrooms or another substance while on the trip? In the event of a medical emergency, what should you do? What if someone is going through a difficult time; how can they seek aid, and how can the group help them? 

Discuss protocols for leaving the group as well; occasionally people wish to be alone on a journey or need a shift of scenery, so be prepared. Include a team member with mushroom experience if possible.

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When you take shrooms, the effects can last from 3 to 6 hours. Depending on how much you take, how your body is made up, and a few other things, they may stay in your body for 24 hours or longer.

The psychedelic compound psilocybin, which gives magic mushrooms their “magic,” can stay in your body for up to 24 hours. But nothing is written in stone. How long shrooms remain in your body depends on a variety of things, like the type of mushroom you eat, your age, and the way your body is made up.

Mushrooms usually start to make you feel different in about 30 minutes, and the effects last for about 3 to 6 hours. Mushrooms can affect people in different ways. Your experience with mushrooms will depend on things like how old you are, how much you eat, how much you weigh, and how much food you ate that day. Your environment and what you expect will also play a role.

As for how it makes you feel, it can change how you see the world around you. You might feel a strange sense of happiness or well-being. You might see or hear things that aren’t there. You might feel like you’re having a magical, spiritual, or religious experience, and your body might feel very light or very heavy.

Unlike cannabis, magic mushrooms come in many different kinds. Like cannabis, these mushrooms are mostly made of a single drug that gives them their psychoactive effects. Like cannabis, this drug is not made by the body directly.

THCA is made from cannabis. When THCA is heated, it changes into THC, which makes you feel high. The psychedelic compound called psilocin is made when the body breaks down psilocybin, which is made by magic mushrooms. Like Cannabis, magic mushrooms tend to make other chemicals that may change the way they make you feel.

You can smoke them, eat them raw, mix them with other foods, take them with tea or mix them with juices, create a smoothie with them, or take chocolates or sweets that are infused with shrooms.

If you like mushrooms but hate the way they taste, there are several ways to consume them without getting sick. You can drink it as warm tea, mix it into a creamy risotto or a tasty pasta dish, or add it to your smoothie, among other things.