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Imagine a world where you can enhance your cognitive abilities, boost your mood, and alleviate stress—all while keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Welcome to the world of microdosing! Microdosing, in its psychedelic context, involves taking tiny fractions of substances like lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) or psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms. These minuscule doses are far from the mind-bending trips often associated with these substances. Instead, they offer a glimpse into a new frontier of human potential without delving into the depths of a full psychedelic experience. Serotonin, the chemical messenger that plays a starring role in our moods, happiness, and well-being, is a principal player in microdosing. Microdosing's potential lies in its subtle yet significant impact on serotonin activity, stabilizing mood and promoting feelings of happiness and contentment. This mystical dance between psychedelics and serotonin receptors is what sets the stage for the wonders of microdosing.

Understanding The Concept Of LSD Microdosing

At the core of microdosing lies the concept of sub-perceptual doses—tiny amounts of LSD that do not induce the full-blown psychedelic experience. Instead, microdosers embark on a journey where they take around 5–10% of the typical dosage necessary for a mind-bending trip. These small amounts are usually taken at regular intervals, ensuring that the effects are gentle yet present, like a soft breeze stirring the leaves of the mind.

The History Of Microdosing

The fascinating concept of "stoned apes," suggests that psychedelics might have played a crucial role in the evolution of humans. It was speculated that our ancestors, Homo erectus, encountered psilocybin-containing mushrooms while foraging for food in the grasslands. The second wave of microdosing emerges from indigenous cultures across the world, where shamans have been using psychoactive plants to establish contact with higher realms. In various regions, psychoactive substances have been consumed in both high and low doses, leading to spiritual experiences and personal growth. See Did Psychedelics Play A Role In Human Evolution? The modern era of microdosing traces its roots to the accidental discovery of LSD by Albert Hofmann in 1938. LSD was initially utilized in psychotherapy and scientific research, with promising results in treating anxiety, depression, and addiction.

Benefits Of LSD Microdosing

Advocates of LSD microdosing passionately champion its potential health benefits, though it's essential to recognize that the scientific evidence is still unfolding. The claim is that microdosing can be a catalyst for a multitude of positive changes in our mental and emotional well-being, including:

Enhanced Cognition

Microdosing is believed to sharpen cognitive prowess, fostering improved focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. The mind dances with newfound clarity, inviting fresh perspectives and novel ideas into the realm of possibility.

Uplifted Mood

A gentle upliftment in mood is often reported, with potential reductions in symptoms of anxiety and depression. For some, the practice sparks a sense of well-being and inner harmony.

Reduced Pain

Some proponents suggest that microdosing may hold the key to alleviating pain, though the scientific evidence to support this claim remains limited. Make sure that you start your microdosing journey with a high-quality LSD product, such as Slippery Wizard Liquid LSD 500Mcg. 

Safe Microdosing Practices

While enthusiasts praise the potential benefits of LSD microdosing, it is vital to remember that scientific evidence is still unfolding. Approach this adventure with a sense of awareness and caution, safeguarding your well-being along the way as you buy LSD microdose in Canada.

Precise Dosing

The heart of successful microdosing lies in the art of precise dosing. Striving to achieve sub-perceptual effects—subtle shifts in perception and cognition without diving into intense psychedelic territories—is the essence of this practice. Balancing on the threshold of consciousness, each microdose should be a whisper of transformation, never a thunderstorm.

Volumetric Dosing

An accurate and meticulous process, this method involves submerging a blotter tab in distilled water or alcohol to create a standardized solution. With this alchemical elixir in hand, we can dispense precise microdoses, ensuring a consistent and predictable experience.

Microdosing Schedule

Taking a microdose once every three days is what works wonderfully for a lot of people. This rhythm allows our minds to gracefully integrate the whispers of transformation while maintaining the magic of each experience. The right setting also plays a major role in one’s LSD experience. See The Role Of Set And Setting In Psychedelic Usage. Astral Agency is Your Reliable Source of Quality Shrooms, DMT, and Other Psychedelics Astral Agency is an online mail-order dispensary that provides Canadians with quality shrooms, DMT, and other psychedelics. We use a third-party testing facility and the results are posted in the photo gallery of each of our products. We use a special machine called an FTIR spectrometer to test your sample, as well as immunoassay test strips that check for potent substances like fentanyl or benzodiazepines. Some branded products do their testing and come sealed, so we don’t test those.



1. How does microdosing LSD work?

Microdosing LSD involves taking very small doses of the psychedelic substance, typically around 5-10% of a regular recreational dose. The goal of microdosing is to experience subtle effects without inducing a full-blown psychedelic trip. The exact dosage may vary depending on individual sensitivity and the desired outcome. Buy here at Astral Agency.

2. How can microdosing benefit me?

Microdosing, an increasingly popular practice, has garnered significant attention for its claimed benefits, although scientific evidence remains limited. Advocates of microdosing report a range of potential benefits, including improved mood, increased creativity, enhanced focus, and reduced anxiety and stress. Some individuals also claim that microdosing helps them gain new insights, foster emotional well-being, and enhance their overall sense of purpose. Astral Agency, a leading proponent of microdosing, supports these claims and aims to provide safe and effective microdosing solutions to individuals seeking transformative experiences.

3. How to buy LSD microdose in Canada?

To buy LSD microdose in Canada, find a reputable online seller like Astral Agency. Read reviews for insights on product quality and customer satisfaction. Select the desired item, add to cart, and proceed to checkout with secure payment. Review return and shipping policies; contact support for any queries.

4. Where to buy LSD microdose in Canada?

Discover reputable online stores like Astral Agency in Canada to purchase quality LSD microdose. Assess customer reviews for insights into reliability and product excellence. Verify adherence to Canadian regulations. Prior to ordering, review shipping and return policies, and feel free to reach out to customer service for any inquiries.