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The Role of Set and Setting in Psychedelic Usage

The Role Of Set And Setting In Psychedelic Usage

For those who have taken a psychedelic drug at the same dose in two different environments, they may have gained an appreciation for the concept of “set and setting”. This term is widely used within psychedelic communities to describe the relationship between the substance, the individual’s internal state, and the external environment. An example could […]

What Is the Difference Between Psilocybin and LSD?

What Is The Difference Between Psilocybin And Lsd?

Both magic mushrooms and LSD belong to the class of substances known as hallucinogens. Some hallucinogens are effective treatments for anxiety and PTSD. Others will cause you to stumble. But the two most common are psilocybe cubensis (mushrooms) and acid (lysergic acid diethylamide). People wonder, in light of the legalization of marijuana for adults in […]